Workshops and Offerings

Autumn 2021

Moon Gatherings

Enliven Your Medicine for the Full Moon
Wednesday, September 22nd 7-9pm EST

During these New and Full Moon online gatherings, you'll have a chance to create the shifts that you need to step into your body, your wholeness and your aliveness to impact others in powerful ways. We are all needed in our most alive, loving and activated selves to help create the change that is needed in our world.


These events will happen generally monthly around the New and Full Moon. Both gatherings are opportunities to deepen in your awareness of your embodiment and to learn about aspects of the astrology and how we can be present with the change that we are experiencing in our bodies and lives as we receive support from our Earthly and Cosmic relations. There will also be time to share in a circle council together to build mutual support for each other in community. 


The Full Moon event called Enliven Your Medicine is a paid workshop that will support you to move through and enliven whatever may have come up for you over this past cycle since the New Moon and offer you tools for transforming your challenges into strengths. 


I'll show you how to access

the healing medicine that's naturally generated by your body.​

During the Full Moon Enliven Your Medicine workshop you'll . . . .

  • Continue rooting into deep support to anchor and support change.

  • Uplift your energy through playful exploration in movement.

  • Learn how the current Full Moon astrology can support your journey.

  • Learn practices to initiate rapid transformation and move through what keeps you stuck.

  • Learn simple techniques and practices that'll uplift and enliven the energy in your everyday life. 

  • You'll discover how to move through transition and change without falling back into unhealthy patterns.

  • Connect with others in council for mutual support in community.

Self Investment: $44.44

Deepening Connection with Life

October 6th - November 3rd, Wednesdays 7-9pm EST

You’re invited to honor your aliveness as well as the spark of connection and longing for deeper connection that lives within you.

Join us to return to your truest self in connection with the elements and to learn from these raw forces of resilience that live within each cell of our being. I am called to go deeper and am calling others in to join me and my friend Will Michael, Advanced SOMA Breath Instructor, in the inquiry of how the wisdom of our bodies, the wisdom of the land and of the elements can support our deepening growth within ourselves as the life of spring returns. 


You will be guided through trauma informed practices that are intended to support you to deepen your relationship to your body through the body systems as they relate to the larger natural body systems of our planet Earth. Will offers breathing practices that have been adapted to the element that we are working with each week. We will also connect with others through authentic movement that allows for vulnerability and authenticity to emerge from the body in both moving and witnessing that we can then bring into a group sharing in circle. 

Next Course Starts October 6th and runs 5 weeks on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm EST


Local Northern Michigan Events 

Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance
Friday, September 18th at Yoga Roots Petoskey, MI  7-9pm
Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance.png

Join us for an evening of exploration in body and spirit. We begin in circle with ceremonial cacao, an ancient plant medicine that opens the heart and expands consciousness. Ceremonial cacao is served as a warm beverage, and is a gentle ally. After being with the cacao in meditation, we will journey into movement through our Ecstatic Dance practice, inviting our body to express, feel, and flow. Come as you are - no prior experience is needed.

There will be an opening circle and guidance throughout the evening to cultivate a conscious, nourishing, supportive space for inner exploration and safe connection with others as well as a closing circle. Please plan to attend for the full two hours if possible. We will close the doors at 7:10pm to begin the ceremony. You're welcome to arrive a few minutes early to get settled into the space and your body. 

Self Investment:

Co-facilitating with Aria Mae Everts:

Aria is an expert in transforming the lives of Conscious Leaders through Spiritually Integrated Coaching. As a ceremonial facilitator, she invites others to join in relationship with plant allies, so that we can create a world where all life is honored. To learn more, visit

Yoga Dance Fusion
A Weekly Embodiment Class

Mondays 5:45-7:00pm at Yoga Roots Petoskey
444 Mitchell Street, Petoskey, MI 
Untitled design.png

 A nourishing journey through the body systems to reconnect us to our bodies, the earth and other human beings with self love and enlivening movement practices. No experience with dance or yoga needed, just a willingness to be in curiosity and experiential learning. You're invited to follow your own inner guidance with gentle suggestions and offerings to eclectic recorded music.