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Winter 2021

Deepening Connection

Currently Running ~ Next dates TBA

You’re invited to honor the surrender and stillness of this season as well as the spark of connection and longing for deeper connection that lives within you.
Join us to return to your truest self in connection with the elements and to learn from these raw forces of resilience that live within each cell of our being. As we enter more deeply into this winter of physical distancing, I am called to go deeper and am calling others in to join me and my friend Will Michael, Advanced SOMA Breath Instructor, in the inquiry of how the wisdom of our bodies, the wisdom of the land and of the elements can support our deepening growth within ourselves at this dark time as the light returns. 


You will be guided through trauma informed practices that are intended to support you to deepen your relationship to your body through the body systems as they relate to the larger natural body systems of our planet Earth. Will offers breathing practices that have been adapted to the element that we are working with each week. We will also connect with others through authentic movement that allows for vulnerability and authenticity to emerge from the body in both moving and witnessing that we can then bring into a group sharing in circle. 


Here’s what you will receive and learn during the 5 weeks:

-Build up your immune system through tapping into your embodied resource and inner medicine

-Practice renewal and regeneration through connecting with the elements in the body

-Learn about how the elements relate to us archetypally to get out of duality (yin/yang, masculine/feminine) and move into complexity within an active structure of life balancing

-Learn about and practice cultivating ritual with the elements and with the land to deepen your relationship with place 

-Practice being more alive and present in the moment

-Sacralize your life through deepening your relationship with yourself and/as the elements in simple rituals

-Resource your own inner guidance through our body

-Connect deeply with yourself and others even on zoom! It is possible!


Each week we will explore a different element through our bodies as nature and nature as our bodies . . .


January 13th - Earth - Security and Discovering our Needs

Lessons: Structure, Stability, Simplicity, Nourishment

Body Allies: Bones, Connective Tissues, Marrow
Nature Allies: Rocks, Stones, Trees, Roots, Magma


January 20th - Water - Safety and Cultivating Trust

Lessons: Flow, Release, Rhythm, E-motion

Body Allies: Blood, Fluids, Notochord, Amniotic fluid

Nature Allies: Water, Rivers, Lakes, Ocean, Ponds, Streams, Rain, Ice, Snow


January 27th - Fire - Sovereignty and Activating Aliveness 

Lessons: Passon, Power, Presence

Body Allies: Digestive System, Glands, Nervous Systems

Nature Allies: Sun, Stars, Fire, Mycelium


February 3rd - Air - Co-Creation and Joyful Collaboration

Lessons: Vision, Communication, Vibrancy

Body Allies: Breath, Lungs, Voice

Nature Allies: Wind, Breeze, Tornado, Hurricane 


February 10th - Ether - Union and Bliss
Lessons: Wonder, Awe, Surrender
Body Allies: Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Pineal Gland, Glandular Integration
Nature Allies: Spirit


Each Session will include: 

-Trauma informed somatic movement guidance connecting the body systems to the Earth systems 

-Breathing practice with Will Michael

-Authentic movement embodiment and sharing practice in diads 

-Group circle sharing 

-Invitation to personal practice with nature 

-Song for the elements
-Inquiry worksheet

About Will: 

Will Michael, PhD, CHt, Advanced SOMA Breath Instructor has over 50 years of experience with conscious breathing and has worked with and/or studied with all the top names in the field of breathwork.  He is a certified transpersonal life coach, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a holistic health and integral life practices educator and a lifelong student and practitioner of natural healing and energy medicine. 

You can email Hilary at to ask any questions you may have. 


When can't be physically together, we have the opportunity to tap more deeply into our inner resources especially at this dark nourishing time. Join us in this deepening connection together!