Workshops and Offerings

Summer 2021

Nourishing Balance

Individual One-one Sessions to
Gracefully Move with the Flow of Change 
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This has been an extended period of radical change for most everyone. We are all needing more support to navigate how to move through this change as we come back into more connection with others and co-create relationships that are sustaining and nourishing within all aspects of our lives. 

Receive support to cultivate a nourishing life balance between all aspects of your life as you live more fully into your needs, desires and values. After filling out the initial intake in which you clarify what areas of your life you’re wanting to focus on, I’ll guide you through each session in which you’ll receive a somatic movement practice with inquiry questions to give you direction on how you can create the change that you want in your life. There’s also the option to learn more about your Sidereal Astrology chart that maps your soul’s journey in this lifetime. You’ll have a chance to clarify what areas you want to focus on and gain embodiment, energetic and inquiry tools to navigate how to take these steps forward from a place of deeper inner connection. 

We will use the elements as our main guides as well as aspects and modes of connection including movement, touch, breath, sounding and presence that we can use to understand and fulfill our needs with ourselves and others in deeply nourishing ways.

Self Commitment:

6 sessions each 75 minutes over 6-8 weeks

What Others are Saying:

Not only was each session a luxurious, sacred space in which I explored what was happening for me in my business and in my life more generally; the time in between sessions was rich with discoveries - both challenging and exhilarating.


The framework and questions Hilary has developed allowed me to go deep into an inquiring space without feeling violated or forced in any way, and allowed for answers and more aligned and easeful ways of being to naturally or "magically" appear. I also learned what inquiries needed more time to explore further. Having Hilary to reflect and explore with has been a gift in this process.


The shifts I experienced from working with Hilary were subtle and profound. Having started feeling frustrated with myself for not being able to implement certain new habits in my life, I have emerged having shed self-judgement and with a feeling of ease, flow and joy! This includes a deeper attunement to the sacredness of everyday life; connecting not only with other humans, but especially connecting with and feeling supported by the natural elements. I am more deeply connected, in an embodied way, with my desire to nourish and be nourished by life on Earth. I know that the benefits from my work with Hilary will only grow further over time!

-Vivian Winterhoff founder of Joy in Movement Bodymind Explorations

If you’re interested in learning more book a free 30 minute discovery call to see if this work is right for you . . .

Also you can learn more by joining on June 23rd for this free live event for the Full Moon during which I'll share more about the Nourishing Our Life Balance offering and give a discount for those who attend. . .

Cosmic Heart Embodiment

For the Full Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, June 23rd 7:00-8:30pm EST

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Cosmic Heart Embodiment brings together the wisdom of the stars and family of our solar system through Sidereal Astrology which is aligned with the constellations with the wisdom of our bodies in relationship with the Earth through embodiment practices.

Come to get a taste of how you can cultivate this alignment from the Earth to the Sky within you and use it to support how you navigate your inner and outer life in an ever flowing rebalancing journey.

Ike Rodriguez, master Sidereal Astrology teacher will guide us through the astrological chart for this Full Moon and Hilary Lake, expressive arts community minister and somatic movement educator will offer an embodiment journey through the aspects. 

Learn more about the full moon gatherings.

*You'll also receive a recording of the embodiment practice emailed to you to support the integration of the full moon energies.*

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Private Cosmic Heart Embodiment sessions are also offered by Hilary, learn more

Learn more about Ike Rodriguez and Sidereal Astrology