The Awakening Body

Do you want more empowerment and creativity guiding your life?

Do you long to integrate ancient wisdom with your practical knowledge and present day needs for connection in all your relationships?

Are you wanting to get a taste of an ancient practice and learn how to experience awakening in your body and share it with others?

Do you want to experience the embodiment of compassionate presence, inner knowing, fierce love and just rest in simply being together with others?

I did and so I developed this practice over the last four year since traveling to Nepal and learning somatic movement therapy. This is what emerged:


The Awakening Body is a 4 class series for those who are embracing all of themselves. In this workshop we will cultivate greater awareness and awakening in and through our bodies. We will create this through learning aspects of a traditional Nepalese tantric Buddhist dance practice called Charya Nritya in a new way. We will practice being present with the experience in the body as we learn the movements and mudras, and through improvisational movement and sounding will engage with what is happening when we open to embody a few awakening qualities contained within this ancient dance form.

We will become more present, available, expressive and precise in our movement so that we can cultivate greater balance throughout our lives in engagement.

Elements of the classes will include:

-Sharing in circle together
-Somatic meditations and journeys
-Learning aspects of Charya Nritya and about Tibetan tantric Buddhism
-Improvisational movement and sounding exploration and play

Themes for the classes . . .
~ Simply Being
~ Inner Knowing
~ Compassionate Presence
~ Fierce Love

TBD based on the context and community

If you're interested in this experience reach out to Hilary at or chat below and we can set up the context either online or in person to make it possible.