For Moving in Grace: 


Moving in Grace rooted me deeply into the resources of my body and the support of community to heal, dream and act. -J.T.

Moving in Grace moved me through an embodied personal reflection on my life path, experiences and purpose, that was both gentle and clear.  The group built an energy of its own, journeying together in the unknown, facing fears and blocks and dramatically shifting my energy and perspective.  This work is powerful. -K.B.

Moving in Grace was a powerful experience for me.  Hilary guided me into a trance state of deep relaxation and presence.  From there her gentle instructions inspired visions of possibility advancing through different parts of ‘the day’ with various types of music and qualities of movement that allowed me to experience both my hopes, intentions and also my fears and stories.  The experience gave me encouragement to strive towards new possibilities. -A.P.

Hilary guides a grounded and heart expansive moving community process.  She connects the body to the collective. I feel more whole and tenderly present to the possibility life could have more ease.


Hilary is a devoted teacher who excites emotional, physical, spiritual and social evolution in her clients.  Come to her to come more alive in loving connection. -M.H.

Moving in Grace so deeply and sweetly helps me connect mind, body and spirit.  Hilary’s creative passion and compassion are a divine gift. -B.D.

Moving in Grace was a treat and so much more!  It was a beautiful heart and eye-opening experience.  I felt present, connected, free, inspired and well held within Hilary’s gracious guidance.  It was moved and amazed by the magic I witnessed unfold within myself and all of us. -N.T.

Hilary creates amazing creative expression space that enables people to be able to go inward and journey. I attended one of Hilary’s workshop, Moving in Grace, at a conference and it was the highlight of that event for me. Hilary is able to get people to stay in their flow while being a guiding hand through the shamanic realms. Her breathe work and chanting help open people up to connect to the parts of themselves that want to come out and be expressed in the space. Her workshop left me feeling revitalized and awakened. I highly recommend her work. (N.S., participant at the Belly and Womb Conference, 2016)

Hilary is a lovely human and I enjoy her guided meditation practice paired with free-form movement, drums, Tibetan singing bowls and group sharing. She brings her unique signature to the experience and I found myself getting out of my head and into my body in a new way. -J.S.

For InBody Your Guidance:

She is a true Empathetic Healer. I travel almost 3 hours back and forth for my appointment and well worth it. The healing takes place for me by just being in her presence. She works well with what I tell her other therapists have said. Hilary is so open and listens and truly hears feelings and sentiments.
I find her voice when she chants mantras to be very healing to my body, mind and soul and particularly my heart. Thank you Hilary for giving me hope.

Hilary holds graceful space for you to deepen into your body and explore all the possibilities for growth and creative power! -L.A.

Once again I moved into a new realm of experience and awareness. The combination of guided meditation, contemplation, body awareness, movement and sound was a delicious and nutritive feast for my heart and mind. By tracing the emergence of my physical being into the world I feel more connected to the creative process that continues to create and recreate me every day. What a beautiful gift. -C.H.M.

Not only was each session a luxurious, sacred space in which I explored what was happening for me in my business and in my life more generally; the time in between sessions was rich with discoveries - both challenging and exhilarating.


The framework and questions Hilary has developed allowed me to go deep into an inquiring space without feeling violated or forced in any way, and allowed for answers and more aligned and easeful ways of being to naturally or "magically" appear. I also learned what inquiries needed more time to explore further. Having Hilary to reflect and explore with has been a gift in this process.


The shifts I experienced from working with Hilary were subtle and profound. Having started feeling frustrated with myself for not being able to implement certain new habits in my life, I have emerged having shed self-judgement and with a feeling of ease, flow and joy! This includes a deeper attunement to the sacredness of everyday life; connecting not only with other humans, but especially connecting with and feeling supported by the natural elements. I am more deeply connected, in an embodied way, with my desire to nourish and be nourished by life on Earth. I know that the benefits from my work with Hilary will only grow further over time!

-Vivian Winterhoff founder of Joy in Movement Bodymind Explorations

Throughout my work with Hilary I've increased my capacity to love myself, and feel the depths of gratitude as much as the depths of grief. I feel lighter, more at peace, kind, and gentle with myself, and in so much gratitude for my life. I'm really grateful for how she showed up and met me where I was, and for holding her own intuitive guidance, and allowing our ebbs and flows to go with the plan or veer off the tracks as needed. I am so grateful for being deeply held, seen, accepted, validated, and supported in my process, allowing an unfolding with ease and gentleness and curiosity in a nonjudgmental space to move, feel excited, and be!

-Jessica Mortel, business owner and healer

For Cosmic Heart Embodiment: 

Hilary's Cosmic Heart Embodiment astrology is rich with unique style.  It incorporates a perfect balance of astrological understanding with cosmic ceremony. I left our time together feeling a transformation in my bones and a readiness to receive more sweetness.  I highly recommend her work!

--Robin Sol Lieberman, Founder, LIFEHONEY®