Reconciliation &

Vibrant Activism


GraceBetweenRaces is an online gathering space to share about race issues and reconciliation as an online group on facebook that Hilary and AnnMarie Modeste birthed out of their connection and conversations about race and healing as a result of the Feminine Emergence Summit. AnnMarie is a wayfinder, entrepreneur, and mother of four children and 7 grandchildren. She was born in Trinidad and Migrated to Canada in 1988, and currently lives in Montreal Quebec. Out of our shared stories and calling to cultivate reconciliation within ourselves and in our communities, we created a space in which others can also have the opportunity to share their experiences on race with the intention of reconciliation. We invite you to watch our bi-monthly video gatherings with new guests each time and to share your experiences with us and the community. We are also looking for guests so let us know if you're interested in sharing your story.

Mission Statement:

To hold space for diverse individuals & communities to come together to express, create and heal across differences.  



Race reconciliation through raw conversations that bring about collaborative healing for all.


Intention for each gathering:

To have raw, honest and open conversations with people of diverse backgrounds discussing their experiences of inequality between races and how these experiences have affected them personally as well as society as a whole. To facilitate an atmosphere of support to bring about greater harmony and healing for all beings.

-Inclusive of all.
-Equal Opportunity for all.
-Speak from the heart and one’s own experience.
-Strive to be curious about another’s experience.
-Respect each other and their experience.
-Honoring one’s own & each other’s truth.
-Be courageous and encouraging of others.
-Be mindful of time.
-Welcome & receive feedback with gratitude.
-Celebrate risk taking.

Come and join us on our facebook group and share your story!

Moving in Grace: Awakening to Racial Reconciliation

Join Hilary Lake, community minister and somatic practitioner and Kelvin Young, sound practitioner and recovery coach to create a space for race reconciliation through mindful embodiment

This workshop cultivates an experience of greater vibrancy and resilience within ourselves and our relationships. They offer guidance to reflect on our relationship to race and race issues, and open the potential for internal and relational reconciliation around race. You are invited to open and share from your heart with others as we courageously look at how whiteness and privilege have impacted our lives and the lives of others. In this space we take steps toward cultivating a culture of welcoming and full inclusion for ourselves and in the collective as we share, move and sound together.


We begin with an opening circle to briefly share our stories. Then we have a guided somatic meditation accompanied by Kelvin Young’s sound healing, and move into a recorded musical wave to connect our body systems with the Earth systems through the elements based on the Chinese Five Element system. We round out the journey with a sound healing and a closing sharing circle.

This is a space for us to be fully ourselves with the rhythms of our bodies and the Earth. We move what needs to be moved and celebrate being in the mystery of life as we InBody the Change we are becoming together in grounding, nourishing, sensual, playful and expansive expression of awakening.

We are not currently offering this workshop. If you are interested please contact Hilary at to express your interest.