Embodied Social Justice


GraceBetweenRaces is an online gathering space to share about race issues and reconciliation as an online group on facebook that Hilary and AnnMarie Modeste birthed out of their connection and conversations about race and healing as a result of the Feminine Emergence Summit. AnnMarie is a wayfinder, entrepreneur, and mother of four children and 7 grandchildren. She was born in Trinidad and Migrated to Canada in 1988, and currently lives in Montreal Quebec. Out of our shared stories and calling to cultivate reconciliation within ourselves and in our communities, we created a space in which others can also have the opportunity to share their experiences about the social construct of race with the intention of reconciliation. We invite you to watch our video gatherings from our first year with new guests each time and to share your experiences with us and the community. Please post anything that relates to race issues and race reconciliation. 

Here's our most recently welcoming video to give you a better sense of the space of GraceBetweenRaces:











Mission Statement: 

A space for raw honest dialogue and storytelling on diverse topics that address cultural differences while looking at the effects of racism and the possibility of race reconciliation. 



Cultivating experiences of connection and transformation between our differences. In understanding we are all between the extremes of the polarization of white and black and healing from this duality, which causes racialized trauma. We strive to connect beyond this separation to understand and support each other. 


Assumptions (Why We are Here):

  • We all have trauma and intergenerational racialized trauma as both the oppressor and the oppressed. 

  • We are all worthy.

  • We are all interconnected and none of us are free until we are all free. 

  • We have a shared commitment to addressing racism and white body supremacy. In other words, we want to be more effective change agents as allies of our black and indigenous brothers and sisters (people who have higher levels of melanin in their skin) and that includes supporting them to be in leadership for our collective awakening. 

  • We have a shared commitment to mobilize and to act to end white supremacy. 

Guidelines (How We Be and Act Together):

  • Practice self inquiry.

  • Practice courage in sharing vulnerably, being raw and honest. 

  • Being curious about and supportive of others sharing their experience. 

  • Offering relevant information. 

  • Equal opportunity for all who are present to share.

  • Willingness to embrace discomfort.

  • Speak from the heart of one’s own experience.

  • Welcome & receive feedback with gratitude.

  • Celebrate risk taking.

  • Confidentiality. Not sharing other people’s experience if possible and certainly not other’s names. 

  • Practice a listening boundary (We are responsible for listening with boundaries and curiosity).*

  • Practice a containment boundary (We are responsible for containing and experiencing our own body responses).*

  • Practice a speaking boundary (I am responsible for speaking to be seen and known and I can pass and don’t have to share as well).*

*These guidelines come from materials developed for practice groups to Undo White Body Supremacy and Heal Racialized Trauma who use the book My Grandmother’s Hands by Resma Menakem.

Come and join us on our facebook group and learn with us!

Embodying White Allyship
White Allies Circle.jpg

Given the increased demand and call for guidance amidst the racial awakening we are collectively experiencing, I was called to co-create this course with my dear friend Chastity Rodriguez. After the murder of George Floyd, it was clear that it would be best for this to be a white affinity group and Chastity encouraged me to run with it to support white folks to be able to take action in their lives to change not just their relationship to white supremacy, also to change the white supremacist systems from which we benefit.

This 5 week course is a closed, focused and nourishing container for white and white passing folks who benefit from white supremacy and who want to work through the trauma of intergenerational racism and the advantages that come with it. You will deepen in your embodied awareness of your own intergenerational racialized trauma, learn tools, practices to heal from this trauma and receive resources you can use to learn how to become an effective ally and move towards becoming an accomplice to more effectively support people of color.

This course is not currently being offered and if you're interested reach out to me at hilaryjlake@gmail.com


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