Waking Up to Change through Clarity

Kelvin, Eric and I at Tainted Inc. in Hartford, CT

I've been waking up lately to how recovery from my past, painful beliefs, co-dependency, addiction to perfectionism and workaholism as well as materialism, internalized sexism and racism happens when I am willing to feel, let go and play! As I navigate changes in my own life, including transitioning a partnership and committing to delve into both inner and outer reconciliation work more deeply, I know that I need more time to simply let go and feel freedom as well as focus on creating intentional spaces to look at what's challenging. Engaging in activism work in my past led to a closed heart out of fear, and as I step back into this systemic change work more and more, I know I need to keep my heart open. I am practicing the ways to do just that which includes sharing with others who are also on this path of awakening. 

Dear friend Kelvin Young who offered his story with us on GraceBetweenRaces on is also be collaborating with me the down in Hartford, CT to offer a new version of Moving in Grace called Awakening to Recovery. It is an opportunity to sit in circle with others to share a bit of what we are needing help with, to relax into somatic guidance and then dance into expression and celebration of life together before receiving a deep sound bath and sharing together again to close. We all need support to make the changes that we envision are possible and move through the beliefs that hold us back and this is a great way to have fun with it! (see more info here . . . )

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