Opening to Light in the Darkness

As the sun sets on Moving in Grace being at Community Yoga in Greenfield with the end of the year, I'm feeling a greater call to reflect as I step back to gain a greater perspective. I've been so grateful for the warm and welcoming candle lit space at Community Yoga each month, and wanting to cultivate more of a regular practice in how we come together. I've reached out to Yoga Center Amherst where there is a deep commitment to embodied practice and it looks like we'll be doing a series of classes there starting in the early spring. Stay tuned for more info to come! 

That said I'm also moving forward with my friend Ann Modeste, a healer from Montreal, with what we are now calling GraceBetweenRaces as an online forum to have raw, honest and open conversations with people of diverse backgrounds sharing their experiences of inequality between race. We will be facilitating an atmosphere of support in order to bring about greater harmony and healing for All through inviting people we know who are doing this work of reconciliation together into a virtual ritual council circle. More information to come soon! . . . Many blessings to you at this solstice and holiday time all as we face the traumas within and around and step forward to live into our truth in creating a more kind, loving and peaceful world with each breath and movement for all beings. Blessed Be! 

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