Nourishing our Collective Flourishing

Railyard Apothecary and Mary Lake's sheep

I have been feeling more nourished as I expand into the Studio of Awakening space in Great (Turner's) Falls and travel around to visit family, friends and share Moving in Grace more regionally. A couple of weeks ago I was on the Cape with my mom and a couple of dear friends to support the creation of each other's visions and to be nurtured by the beauty of the spring emergence. And then this past weekend I was up in Burlington, VT visiting Katherine Elmer of Railyard Apothecaryand Spoonful Herbalswhile offering Moving in Grace: Awakening to Vibrant Activism. We also drove up to Montreal to visit AnnMarie Modeste, who I collaborate with on GraceBetweenRacesand to go to the Movemente Libre Dansein Val-David. It's been so needed to connect deeply with women who are living into their individual purpose that is in service to the collective awakening so we can flourish together! I encourage taking this time out to simply be together and ask some deep questions together and wonder or wander into the answers.  I was also visiting my cousin Mary Lake a sheep herder and butcher who travels around Vermont. As I was spending time with her boys, her herd of sheep and newly born lambs, I noticed that there were a number of lambs that were a different color from their mothers as well as a different color from their brother or sister. I was struck that we as humans seem to have such a challenging time with people of different colors because of how we have treated or been treated by people of a different color from us in the past. These sheep all live together so peacefully and don't seem to be concerned at all with their color. It goes to show that while we may not want to be sheep in a herd, there are some things that we could learn from them! I offered Moving in Grace: Awakening to Racial Reconciliation last month and Kelvin Young and I will continue this important work at Yoga Center Amherst to look at and feel our bias around race so that we can take steps towards becoming more fully welcoming and inclusive in embodiment and spiritual community together. We invite you to join us! 

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