Moving Forward in the Flow of 2019...

This past Monday, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day I had the privilege to graduate from a training on native council practice called Walking In Balance created and taught by local indigenous elder, Strong Oak Lefebvre. We have been meeting for a day every couple weeks for the last few months and diving into topics such as gratitude and generosity and how these practices are supportive to creating a more healthy community for children and therefore all people.

I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to share this deep time with all the activists who attended from across the state. Their commitment to creating a more safe and nourishing space for reconciliation within all aspects of their lives has been very inspiring. I plan to support future Walking in Balance trainings and will be offering a gender reconciliation retreat this spring with dear friend and activist Jimi Two Feathers. Stay tuned for details! Also another dear friend, AnnMarie Modeste and I launched the GraceBetweenRaces group also on Monday with a conversation about how we met and came to create this space for sharing stories about race issues and reconciliation. To watch the video and check out the group join us here!  

Altar at Walking in Balance Training

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