Ingesting the Summer into Nourishment

Hil at Forestdance at Camp Timber Trails

The end of this summer has been a time of celebration and integration at Forestdance, a community event held at Camp Timber Trails in Tolland, MA that includes 3 all night long fire circles and workshops to teach an Earth honoring culture. I was so deeply nourished by this land that is owned by our local dance community and was supporting the maturation of this container with more structure for safety. I’ve also been continuing to grow Moving in Grace by sharing the new promotional videos you see on this site, creating this new website and getting the word out through articles and interviews. There has certainly been an abundance of opportunities arising and even some abundance in the garden even with the excess rain we received. The tomatoes definitely didn’t like the deluge, yet some ripened along with a few blackberries and I found some delectable death trumpet mushrooms (even though they don’t sound or even look very tasty).

Garden abundance

This has been a full summer and it feels good to be winding down and integrating as the cool weather comes in. I’m looking forward to the Feminine Emergence Summit that I was interviewed for coming up starting on September 24th through October 2nd, and continuing to reach out to various communities about sharing Moving in Grace to support their cultivation of resilience in the process of change that seems to be the only constant we can ever fully depend on. Throughout all of this activity it has been challenging at times to fully rest and ingest. I've been finding that my meditation practice has been essential each day. Even if I'm not able to sit for 20-30 mins I have found that taking a few minutes here and there to feel into the experience in my body and do some movement inquiry especially while bringing my attention to my pelvic bowl and specifically my small intestines, womb and ovaries (if you don't have these organs you can pay attention to what you do have or even imagine having them if you'd like) has been necessary medicine to feel grounded and present with my body. Sometimes we can have too much of good things and it's important to create the time and space to integrate and ingest the experiences we are receiving. I invite you to deeply enjoy the harvest within and without and all the change moving through your life this autumn!

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