Gathering in and Sharing the Abundance

There sure has been a lot of abundance moving through my life this autumn with connections, events and creative endeavors and it seems that autumn is always this way when I look back and reflect. Have you found that too? I've also been doing my best to find balance by nourishing my roots with enough inner time to integrate and feel nourished by it all rather than depleted. From taking a training in the Native American practice of council circles with local native elder Strong Oak through The Visioning Bear Intertribal Coalition, being a part of the Feminine Emergence Summit with dear friend and gifted astrologer Stephanie Briggs and finding new ways of putting Moving in Grace out as I build a new website. I'm also reaching out more to the Springfield community and going to events down there at this fabulous gathering space and dance studio Rooted Essence. I so recommended going! It has been a full and exciting time!

There has been exciting vision of creating a local expressive arts center that came to my attention through finding a nearly 1,000 sq. ft. space that's being renovated in the village Miller's Falls where my partner has his art studio. I've been reaching out to look for potential collaborators to create a worker-owner cooperative and am still on the look out! Do let me know if you or someone you know may be interested and spread the word! It has a treatment room in the back, is less than a block from the river and woods, have great parking and the whole village is being renovated. Just one piece of all the reaching out I'm up to these days as I gather the abundance of support from community and encourage you to do the same as the weather gets colder. See what mushrooms are growing from the detritus of what you've left behind in years past and enjoy the fruits of this harvest!

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