Breathing Out Gratitude . . .

The entrance to The Parliament of World Religions (PoWR)

As we are finishing up the month of November and going into the American holiday of Thanksgiving this week I'm still reflecting on and integrating my experience of being at the Parliament of World Religions that was in Toronto, ON November 1st-7th. It's a gathering that now happens every 3 years with people from all over the world coming together to share how we are addressing the challenges that we are collectively facing through the religious and spiritual truths, practices and resources that we have to offer. This year there were about 8,000 in attendance and hundreds of panels, workshops and offerings over the week as well as many large assemblies, performances and spontaneous sharings. I have to admit that it was pretty overwhelming and in a way for me that created an opening to be more deeply touched and moved into inspiration to take action and be a part of the change that is happening at this time.

While I'd say that I've been following my sense of calling for most of my life, attending this event three years ago and again this year to offer Moving in Grace has deepened my commitment to bringing greater equity and the power of love to more diverse communities. Along these lines I'm realizing I need more education and support in order to do just that. Synchronistically, just before the Parliament I was asked by a new friend, Ann Modeste from Montreal, to collaborate on the creation of a video blog to bring together people of different races and backgrounds to talk about their experience of race and healing. It looks like we are calling it Healing Between Races and will be sharing more soon as we look forwards offering it in the new year.

I met Ann after the Feminine Emergence Summit, she reached out to me for a healing session and we ended up having a conversation about race. She asked me if I'd be willing to do a blog with her on the topic and then I realized that I'd much prefer to do a video blog and to have the conversations be more uncut. We are now developing and diving deep to clarify how we want to share this project. So far our intention is to have raw, honest and open conversations from people of diverse backgrounds discuss their own experiences of inequality between races and how that affected them personally and society as a whole. And to facilitate an atmosphere of support in order to bring about greater harmony and healing for all beings.

Stay tuned for more information to come soon!

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