Awaken & Enliven
Your Medicine

New and Full Moon

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During these New and Full Moon online gatherings, you'll have a chance to create the shifts that you need to step into your body, your wholeness and your aliveness to impact others in powerful ways. We are all needed in our most alive, loving and activated selves to help create the change that is needed in our world.


These events will happen generally monthly around the New and Full Moon. Both gatherings are opportunities to deepen in your awareness of your embodiment and to learn about aspects of the astrology and how we can be present with the change that we are experiencing in our bodies and lives as we receive support from our Earthly and Cosmic relations. There will also be time to share in a circle council together to build mutual support for each other in community. 


The New Moon event called Awaken Your Medicine is a free gathering focused on the seeds of intention that we are activating or planting into our lives to come to fruition over the following month. The Full Moon event called Enliven Your Medicine is a paid workshop that will support you to move through and enliven whatever may have come up for you over this past cycle since the New Moon and offer you tools for transforming your challenges into strengths. 


I'll show you how to access

the healing medicine that's naturally generated by your body.

During the New Moon Awaken Your Medicine gathering you'll . . .

  • Root into deep support to anchor you during change.  

  • Learn to better trust yourself and your inner knowing.

  • Access your inner medicine to heal dis-ease and discomfort.

  • Learn how the current New Moon astrology can support your journey.

  • Understand more about the complexity of your body systems and how to use them for healing. 

  • Connect with others in council for mutual support in community.

Next gathering coming up Tuesday, February 1st 7-8:30pm 

Self Investment: Free!




During the Full Moon Enliven Your Medicine workshop you'll . . . .

  • Continue rooting into deep support to anchor and support change.

  • Uplift your energy through playful exploration in movement.

  • Learn how the current Full Moon astrology can support your journey.

  • Learn about how to take steps towards a framework for decolonization and how to honor your values and truth.

  • Learn simple techniques and practices that will support your ability to build your immunity, inner resourcing and boundaries as you tune into the fluids in your body.

  • Learn more about how to grow through challenges and cultivate
    inner strength through adversity.

  • You'll discover how to move through transition and change without falling back into unhealthy patterns.

  • Connect with others in circle for mutual support in community.

Next workshop Tuesday, January 18th, 7-9pm EST

Self Investment: $33.33

While there is a financial investment for this workshop, 10% of the proceeds will be going to Miigwech Inc. a local indigenous run non-profit that has the mission to promote and practice Mino-Bimaadiziwin (The Good Life in Anishinaabemowin, the language spoken by the Anishinaabe people) by making our community a better place for all. Learn more: