Moving in Grace is an expressive arts ministry offering mindful embodiment guidance for individuals, groups and communities to cultivate resilience through inner and outer reconnection and reconciliation.

It is a way of being in the world, in relationship with oneself, all beings, the Earth and the Infinite with deep trust that we are innately guided and if we cultivate connection & reconciliation within we are more likely to be able to do the outer work of connection & reconciliation.

It is a way of life that integrates spiritual consciousness into all daily activities with an emphasis on activism.


Mission: To support individuals and groups to cultivate greater resilience to gracefully live with and create change internally and collectively.


How does that happen? 
By experiencing greater belonging and feeling at home within oneself, with the place, in relationship and in the collective.


  • Connecting with the place and honoring the indigenous history and people of the land

  • Cultivating a contemplative awareness internally in both stillness and movement, sounding and silence to stay present with feelings and sensations while in action and relationship

  • Discerning how to move with what one is experiencing in relationship to others in the most generative ways

  • Discovering and expressing one’s creative power and purpose

  • Expanding one’s awareness to include a larger perspective and context in reflection

  • Inspiring Action to create change in one’s personal, relational and communal lives