Mindful Embodiment Guidance

continued . . .

Positive experiences arise within a group when everyone's personal interest and engagement is enhanced through a feeling of connection to each other through a collective purpose and where there is mutual acceptance.  This level of connection and commitment in a group requires tools and experience to support individuals to move through the challenges that arise internally and to allow individuals to express themselves safely, courageously and honestly.  In this environment creativity can flow with more ease and work happens with greater grace.

I am available to collaboratively create a curriculum for your organization that includes the many elements needed to support each individual to be present to their own needs so that each person can then step into collective creation with more clarity and care. 


The framework for the curriculum is based on a holistic model using the elements and the practices that we will do together. It is about feeling the nature of our bodies and what the body can teach us about our needs and how to be with others in the most generative ways.  


-Experience: Grounding, Stability, Nourishment

-Action: Deepen

-Aspects: Structure, Resources 

       -Systems of accountability

       -Structure of space and time is balanced and effective



-Experience: Connection, Flow, Giving & Receiving

-Action: Open

-Aspects: Relationships, Movement of Resources

       -Flow of resources with the organization and in broader community

       -Balance of input and outputs in effort and resources



-Experience: Expression, Activation

-Action: Create

-Aspects: Creativity

       -Individuals feel valued and appreciated for their gifts & are able to share them

       -Acknowledgement & Appreciation are integrated into the culture



-Experience: Expansion

-Action: Share

-Aspects: Networks, Marketing

        -Systems of communication are open and flexible to meet the present needs


-Experience: Know

-Action: Reflect

-Aspects: Feedback loops

        -Processes for reflection and feedback are used and updated



-Experience: Be

-Actions: Allow

-Aspects: Presence, Stillness

       -Time to simply feel and be 

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