Are you wanting to heal in nourishing and simple ways? 


Are you longing to feel a greater sense of belonging within yourself and with others?


Do you desire to feel more alive and free while also feeling rooted and connected? 


Know that you are not alone and that you can become your own greatest healer.


Join us in this 5 month journey to

find out how . . . 


A 5 Month Embodied Healing Initiation for Wombyn
(For those who identify as having a womb)

One Saturday a Month on the Shore of Lake Michigan and nestled in the woods
Harbor Springs and Bellaire, MI

July 16th, August 13th, September 10th, October 8th, November 12th  


Day-long journeys 10am-6pm


As wombyn we are gifted and challenged with the capacity to birth, to transform and to radically heal ourselves and others. ‘Rad’ is the etymological term for root and we are able to heal from the roots of our experience when we are in relationship with the Earth. These gifts are often latent in our culture because of the lack of intimate relationship with the natural world. Whether we have a physical and or energetic womb we are informed by the wisdom of the womb, which is where we all came from. We are welcoming you to return, to return to your true self in a nourishing, delightful and profound connection with the land, the elements, and all of who you are. As we come back together as wombyn and welcome each other into our depths we are choosing to say yes to life and to remember that we all come from Mother Earth and from our mother's wombs. 


Indigenous cultures around the world know these truths and still practice them and whether we are connected to our ancestor’s indigenous traditions or not, we can be in an intimate relationship with all of life. Here in Northern Michigan we acknowledge and honor the Anishinaabe, the original first peoples of this place and specifically the Odawa and Ojibwe. We honor that this land knows the language and culture that was co-created here. While we may not be from this culture, we are living here and we can also co-create culture on this land in our own ways that are guided by our ancestors and our intuitive knowing. We will practice accessing this wisdom together and sourcing from our innate inner guidance.  


The Anishinaabemowin (the language of the Anishinaabe) term “biiskaabiyang” means “the process of returning to ourselves” and is one of our main inspirations for offering this journey. It can also be translated as decolonization and it is essential that we all wake up to the need for this inner healing so that we can return to an intimate relationship with ourselves, with the land, with others and with the larger collective and all beings. We as humans won’t be around much longer if we don’t remember how and actually practice living more intimately with all of life again. 


We will practice living into the kind of world that we want to give our children and leave to the future seven generations. We will practice healing our trauma through connection; resourcing our connection to the land, to our bodies, to each other and with all of life, breath by breath. We will continue to awaken to our radiant potential rather than shrinking and sinking under the weight of the challenges that we face. We are called to inhabit ourselves fully and to be wholly embodied. The time to embody ourselves and to come fully alive is here and we are here to support each other in our awakening. While this is a life's work, this is an opportunity to claim our truth in loving community together.

This 5 month journey will have an initiation to each of the 5 elements, one element each month. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ethers are beings, they are parts of ourselves that relate to ways of being, aspects of our lives, parts of our anatomy, systems of the Earth and even emotions. They are also remedies for the internal challenges that we face as we take steps towards creating the lives that serve us and all beings.

We will be co-creators of the initiations that we are needing to step into the next level of our lives, calling in the support we need, accessing our gifts and moving through the barriers to live into greater aliveness together!

Here’s what you will receive and learn during the 5 months:

  • Build up your natural immune system through tapping into your embodied resource and inner medicine

  • Learn simple and powerful movement & breath techniques

  • Learn about and practice cultivating ritual with the elements and the land to deepen your relationship with place and your own personal practice

  • Practice being more alive and present in the moment

  • Learn about feminine and Earth honoring Tibetan Buddhist perspectives and how to transform negative emotional states into generative states

  • Resource your own inner guidance through your body

  • Inquiry sheets and resources to take home and practice over the month between sessions

  • Learn tools for decolonization, compassionate communication and embodied trauma healing

  • Connect deeply with yourself and other wombyn in nature cultivating healing community


Curriculum Flow (subject to change and evolution):


July 16th - Earth - Resources - Security and Discovering our Needs vs. Insecurity, Inadequacy and Confusion

Lessons: Structure, Stability, Simplicity, Nourishment, Equanimity and Generosity

Practices: Grounding, Rooting in with our Ancestors, Compassionate Communication, Nature Connection, Tea Ceremony

Body Allies: Bones, Connective Tissues, Marrow

Nature Allies: Rocks, Stones, Trees, Roots, Magma

Guest Facilitator: Caitlin Ludlow will invite us to commune with our other-than-human relatives, specifically the standing ones (otherwise known as Trees). Through her mindfulness-based nature connection lens, you will leave empowered with a set of resourcing practices & tools to take with you into your backyard or your favorite preserve.


August 13th - Water - Intimacy - Safety and Cultivating Trust vs. Fear & Over Intellectualization

Lessons: Flow, Release, Rhythm, E-motion, Mirror-like Wisdom

Practices:  Framework for Embodied Decolonization, Embryological Embodiment Journey, Water Blessing Ceremony

Body Allies: Blood, Fluids, Notochord, Amniotic fluid

Nature Allies: Water, Rivers, Lakes, Ocean, Ponds, Streams, Rain

Guest Facilitator: Grandmother Genevieve Morgan will be blessing us with offering a traditional Ojibwe Water Ceremony to honor the waters of Lake Michigan or Gichigami Michigami (Lake Michigan in Anishinaabemowin).


September 10th - Fire - Community - Sovereignty and Power vs. Craving, Seduction, Lust

Lessons: Presence, Activating Aliveness and Radiant Discerning Compassion

Practices: Embodied Trauma Healing with Polyvagal Theory, Ayurvedic Healing, Fire Ceremony

Body Allies: Digestive System, Endocrine System, Nervous Systems

Nature Allies: Sun, Stars, Fire, Mycelium

Guest Facilitator: Kellen Brugman will be offering - Kindle Digestive Fire and Stoke Creative Spark: Ignite, kindle, tend, and nourish digestive fire in your body, mind, and creative spirit. We will gather at hearth of heart space. Light candles and ignite curiousity. Kellen will navigate you through spiritual adventure of Ayurvedic holistic wisdom, yoga-ish flow, and sacred breathing practice. Support nervous system through an energetic tapas ceremony that removes old thought patterns and emotions smothering your creative fire. Then, stoke your creative spark through blank page meditation. This journey will help you transform fear to love and doubt to courage. 


October 8th - Air - Expression - Co-Creation and Joyful Collaboration vs. Jealousy, Annoyance, Anger

Lessons: Acceptance, Spaciousness, Expansion, All Accomplishing Wisdom

Practices: Sound Healing with Diva Gurung, Breathwork, Collective Poetry and Storytelling

Body Allies: Breath, Lungs, Voice, Vocal Chords

Nature Allies: Wind, Breeze, Tornado, Hurricane 


November 12th - Ethers - Connection - Union of Bliss & Emptiness vs. Ignorance, Denial, Depression

Lessons: Wonder, Envisioning what's Possible, Surrender, All Embracing and Encompassing Wisdom

Practices: Co-Created Closing Ritual

Body Allies: Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Nervous System and Glandular Integration

Nature Allies: Spirit/Source/Divine

Guest Facilitator: Aria Mae Everts will support your truest connection to the Divine in all as we prepare for our self guided closing rituals. Weaving the elements into a cohesive experience of oneness, you will have the opportunity to claim your wholeness and holiness. Exploration of the central channel and kundalini energy will be offered for you to come into the power of the infinite life force energy within and without. From this space, you can envision and step into the highest timelines for your life.

Each Saturday Session will include:

  • Opening and grounding together in circle 

  • A mindful embodiment journey guided by Hilary for each element that will offer guidance and tools to use throughout our time together and to integrate into our lives 

  • Resources for going deeper and learning more between our sessions

  • The opportunity to share with and listen to each other to practice giving and receiving in community 

  • Time to connect with the natural environment together and on our own for personal integration

  • Delicious organic snacks and tea based on the theme element to nourish our bodies and souls

  • Plant/Earth/Body allies for each element that will guide us throughout the month

  • Inquiry sheets to take home to support us to bring the medicine into all aspects of our lives

  • Healing arts practices for self expression

  • Closing sharing and support for inspiring home play 

  • Post journey integration sharing sessions online that are optional (dates TBD)

4 sessions will have guest facilitators offering their unique medicine.

Along with the mystery and magic guiding us into greater wonder together . . .


The Facilitators

Diva _3.jpeg

Hilary Johne Lake, MDiv (she/her/they) Healing arts community minister and somatic movement therapist and educator who helps people align with their bodies and values in enlivening ways. She welcomes people into embodiment practices that bring awareness, connection and deeper belonging into their lives in relationship with all of life. 


She worked at the Fetzer Institute, graduated from Harvard Divinity School with an MDiv in Buddhist Ministry and spent time in Thailand, India and Nepal studying Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism. She’s certified in Somatic Body Training, Infinity Healing Practice and Walking in Balance an indigenous created and led reconciliation council practice. She has presented her mindful embodiment practice, Moving in Grace, twice at the Parliament of World Religions.


Hilary has been an inner city interfaith chaplain and is now living on Anishinaabe land on the shores of Lake Michigan. She is deepening with the land, her family, her Celtic, Norse/Germanic and Slavic ancestry and cultivating community while most recently completing Embodied Social Justice and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification programs. 


She loves to work with people who want to integrate loving awareness in action into all aspects of their lives and deepen in their relationship with all beings.

Diva Gurung (she/her)

Conscious parent, multidisciplinary artist and intuitive healer born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal.


She has studied meditation, mindfulness, psychology, sociology, spirituality and the chakras with teachers around the world. She is a generational trauma healer of the blood line by healing on somatic, emotional and spiritual levels of self through the guidance of the ancestors; the journey of returning to wholeness through an honest exploration of truth and expression of her creative gifts. Her transformational life path has been initiated and held by the goddess Kali Ma.


Deeply passionate about creating community containers for healing, growth and authentic connection. She is a stewardess of transformative pathways and creatress of bespoken healing experiences for awakening hearts allowing one to align with their true selves.


Grandmother Gennie Morgan (she/her) 

is a Chippewa (Ojibwe) Grandmother and keeper of the Medicine Wheel at Hertitage Park near Mackinaw City. Her roots extend back to Beaver Island, and she is a member of the Sault Ste Marie Chippewa Tribe and her family has been a part of the Burt Lake Band. Gennie has been sharing the life saving teachings of the 4 Directions in our Obtawaing region of northern Michigan for decades. She is also the drum leader for the Grandmother Moon Drum Circle Since 2010 beating to the rhythm of life in all that surrounds us. She has also done Traditional teachings at the Museum of Ojibwe culture in St.Ignace for many years and tends to the Medicine Wheel at the Hospice House in Cheboygan as well since 2011 while also volunteering for Hospice.

She will be with us for August 13th to offer an Ojibwe Water Blessing Ceremony and share the wisdom of the teachings that she embodies as an elder on this Anishinaabe land. We are so honored and blessed to have her join us on Lake Michigan or Gichigami Michigami in Anishinaabemowin.

funk lapse for AC copy.jpg

Kellen Celeste Brugman (she/her)

is a Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant, Holistic Wellness Coach, Spiritual writer & poet, and yoga teacher. In 2001, after 10 years in corporate banking and retirement savings industry, she changed careers in order (and holy chaos) to follow her heart’s calling. She now helps people and companies invest in holistic well-Being plans that create lifelong health and happiness returns.


Kellen designs corporate wellness plans, leads community classes, and hosts spiritual retreats.  Her 20-year career includes leading well-Being events for global clients like lululemon, Lolë, and Aveda; and teaching at local colleges and wellness spas. She consults, guides, and supports others to realize wellness goals, career dreams, and creative goals via personal sessions, Ayurvedic energetic treatments, wellness classes, and spiritual retreats. Kellen is certified through The Ayurvedic Institute, White Lotus Yoga Foundation, and Radiant Coaches Academy. Her holy trinity of teachers are Dr. Vasant Lad, Mother Nature, and everyday curiosity.

Kellen will be offering an Ayurvedic workshop for the fire gathering in September.

IMG_1738 3.jpg

Caitlin Ludlow (she/her/they)

At the heart of her work, Caitlin is a community creator. Through working with the breath, movement, guided imagery, meditation & nature connection practices, Caitlin invites people to enter into deeper connection with themselves, our human & other-than-human communities & our Earth body.


Caitlin brings a wealth of embodied wisdom from her formal education in trauma-informed somatic therapy, outdoor education, yoga and mindfulness as well as her experiences mentoring youth in therapeutic and educational contexts, spending 110 consecutive nights backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail & navigating chronic illness, among other transformative moments on her journey.


In addition to being a guest facilitator during the first gathering of this journey in July, her work involves working with folks 1:1, creating women’s circles centering mindful self-compassion, offering regular forest bathing experiences & leading an intimate, immersive 4-day retreat at the end of August. You can learn more about her at

Aria Portrait Session 0115.JPG

Aria Mae Everts (she/her)

is an expert in transforming the lives of Conscious Leaders through Spiritually Integrated Coaching. She gets to the root of blocks, so that one’s deepest life purpose can be experienced with serendipity and flow. Her clients include founders, authors, TED speakers, scientists, and creatives who believe together we can create a world where all life is honored. 


As a ceremonial facilitator, she invites others to join in relationship with plant allies, so that we can open and deepen our hearts. You can learn more about her at

Aria will be hosting us at her gorgeous home, Temple Moon Dance, in Bellaire for the last couple gatherings. She will guest facilitate for ethers in November, leading us through an experiential connection to our own Divine Truth and opening to the wisdom of all.


About Journey Home to Ourselves:


The day was filled with Grace, Gratitude, and Grounded energy. Hilary and Caitlin provided a safe and sacred space to connect with the Earth. The schedule for the day flowed between, movement in the room, movement outside, reflection and sharing. I highly recommend a journey with Hilary and Caitlin to nourish your sacred self.



About Hilary's Offerings

I moved into a new realm of experience and awareness with Hilary. The combination of guided meditation, contemplation, body awareness, movement and sound was a delicious and nutritive feast for my heart and mind. By tracing the emergence of my physical being into the world I feel more connected to the creative process that continues to create and recreate me every day. What a beautiful gift. 


Not only was each session a luxurious, sacred space in which I explored what was happening for me in my business and in my life more generally; the time in between sessions was rich with discoveries - both challenging and exhilarating.


The framework and questions Hilary has developed allowed me to go deep into an inquiring space without feeling violated or forced in any way, and allowed for answers and more aligned and easeful ways of being to naturally or "magically" appear. I also learned what inquiries needed more time to explore further. Having Hilary to reflect and explore with has been a gift in this process.


The shifts I experienced from working with Hilary were subtle and profound. Having started feeling frustrated with myself for not being able to implement certain new habits in my life, I have emerged having shed self-judgement and with a feeling of ease, flow and joy! This includes a deeper attunement to the sacredness of everyday life; connecting not only with other humans, but especially connecting with and feeling supported by the natural elements. I am more deeply connected, in an embodied way, with my desire to nourish and be nourished by life on Earth. I know that the benefits from my work with Hilary will only grow further over time!

-Vivian Winterhoff founder of Joy in Movement Bodymind Explorations

Throughout my work with Hilary I've increased my capacity to love myself, and feel the depths of gratitude as much as the depths of grief. I feel lighter, more at peace, kind, and gentle with myself, and in so much gratitude for my life. I'm really grateful for how she showed up and met me where I was, and for holding her own intuitive guidance, and allowing our ebbs and flows to go with the plan or veer off the tracks as needed. I am so grateful for being deeply held, seen, accepted, validated, and supported in my process, allowing an unfolding with ease and gentleness and curiosity in a nonjudgmental space to move, feel excited, and be!

-Jessica Mortel, business owner and healer

About Diva's Offerings:

Diva is a starseed sent to assist in transformation. She helps us hold our shadows and recognize they are part of us, and she helps illuminate our internal divine light so that we may shine our unique brilliance upon the world. Her story is not made up of rainbows and unicorns; it has struggles and darkness, but what unfolds is wisdom and love.

-Autumn Sleder 


Diva is one of the warmest people I know. She shows up in life in whatever situation with her heart wide open, ready to listen and share her love. In this life, she is like a boulder, grounding us to the earth’s energy and always helping us come back to our true self and center. 

-Jeanne Stucky

With Diva, I feel the warmest strong embrace of acceptance and compassion. I consider her to be once of the softest spaces for my heart to be held, no matter what I am going through. 

I hope people get to experience having such a patient soul like hers in their lives. In this world, where we are at battle for our souls, I am so grateful to have a soul sister like her by my side no matter the distance between us. 

-Levei L. Taula.

About Kellen's Offerings:

“I always look forward to touring when Kellen shows up with Ayurveda goody bags, herbal mixtures, stress relievers, and the best therapeutic acupressure treatment a traveling musician could ask for. Kellen is a healer in the truest sense of the word.”

— Rodney Crowell, Grammy award winning songwriter and artist

“Kellen’s gift is in her presence. Whether she is leading a yoga class, guiding a seasonal cleanse, or sharing Ayurvedic knowledge over a cup of homemade chai, her authenticity and breadth of knowledge is life-giving to people around her. It's impossible not to be shaped by this woman! Her capacity to listen to life and pour wisdom from her heart has shaped so many of us. We are forever grateful!”

— lululemon, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles 


“Being a professional drummer, stage and studio, for 35 years and traveling the world, I’ve felt the demands of being a musician physically and spiritually. Discovering Kellen and her Ayurvedic holistic treatments were a real blessing. From Ayurvedic massage therapy and yoga, to various herbs that work magic in cleansing and restoring. Kellen has a gift for giving new life and wellbeing.”

— John McTigue III, Drummer for The Mavericks, Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris. 

About Aria's Offerings:

Aria is a well of wisdom! She integrates deep spiritual teachings and practical life advice effortlessly. As a coach, Aria guides you to your authentic power and supports your with strategy and healing to make your life vision a reality. I'm forever grateful for our time together.

- Christina Tasooji, Ceremonialist and Women's Coach


Aria is very gifted at what she does. She is a highly skilled and empathetic listener, understands the multidimensional aspects of being human, and carries a strong set of tools to draw from. During my work with her I felt safe, understood, and experienced inner and outer growth. Our sessions were definitely a catalyst for self-alignment and my nervous system and heart can't thank her enough!

- Cassie Uhlar, Founder, Hemp and the Honeybee


I have experienced incredible transformation within Aria’s containers. She is a powerful healer and a master of her craft. 

- Natalie Nugent, Founder, Doe Woven and Ancestral Healing Facilitator

Where We Will Be Journeying . . . 

North of Harbor Springs on Lake Michigan and in Bellaire nestled in the woods. . .

Self Investment:
At least $100 Donation/day-long retreat 
As an offering for the teachers and supplies

$200/day-long retreat 
Includes personal integration support with a follow up session
with Hilary or Diva to be set up after the gatherings



10% of the proceeds will be donated to Miigwech Inc. a local non-profit that supports the healing and efforts of the local Anishinaabe.

If you need overnight accommodations or have any other questions reach out to Hilary via email at  
Venus pisicus.jpeg

It is time for us to nourish & rise together with the land!