InBody Intuitive


Awakening in Body, Speech and Mind for Cultural Creatives

Are you wanting to feel more comfortable and alive in your body? Are you wanting to feel more deeply nourished and engaged in creating your life?  Are you wanting to rekindle a sense of hope and possibility for making a difference in the world? Do you want to expand into your full potential and become a potent creator of vibrancy in your life and relationships?

InBody Intuitive Guidance is support for change makers, artists and healers to activate your life while embodying your truth in nourishing, pleasurable and powerful ways. Through listening, movement, sounding and meditation I’ll ally with you to follow your own guidance and cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself to bring your whole self into all that you do and everyone you meet.




Each session looks and feels different as attention is offered to each individual's unique needs throughout our time together.

Hilary is available for a free 20 min. consultation call to help you clarify if this work is a good match for you and how it may support you to create the change you seek.

The InBody Guidance and Somatic Bodywork sessions are an integration of Hilary's 15 years of study and practice in Buddhism, ministry from the inclusive Unitarian Universalist tradition, mindfulness and insight meditation, Tibetan Buddhist practice, energy healing work from the Infinity Healing Practice, ancestral healing, shamanic traditions, improvisational dance and sounding, Thai massage and Somatic Bodywork.  She offers sessions that provide a grounding in and integration of spiritual teachings that can come alive in your body through all aspects of your life informing all that you do with each move you make from your essence.  









Example Session:

  • Opening conversation and intention setting for our time together. 

  • Sharing about what’s not working and what you want in your life.

  • What’s the vision for yourself that you have?  Grounding into this vision.

  • Recognizing and feeling what’s in the way including any challenges, blocks, beliefs and pain.

  • Releasing and transforming these beliefs and blocks as you recognize the gifts as well.

  • Integrate a self care practice into daily life.

  • Determine the next action steps to activate your life.

Location: Petoskey, MI and online on zoom. 


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