How long has it been since you’ve felt like you really belonged?
How many generations have not belonged?

Have you experienced initiations that are not fully integrated? 

Did they leave you with a knowing but not a language to express your experience?

Our community will see you through.

What would it take for you to take the quantum leap into greater service to the family of all beings and this universe?

If you’re ready for this leap, join us in the . . . 


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Find deep inner acceptance and radical inclusion of all parts of you as we journey together around the Grief Wheel. What breaks your heart open? Through the elements we will bear witness to the stories that have held us and our ancestors back from our fullness. Are you willing to dig deep into the soil that waits for you? 

We are here to show up for our lineages, compost what is no longer needed, and plant heritage seeds of new life. We will root into the rich ancient wisdom of the past. From the center we can truly know and feel that there is no more separation. All of us are welcome to drink from the nectar of loving aliveness from within ourselves as we watch beauty blossom around us.

Because of the harm our ancestral lineages experienced and inflicted we get stuck in the past. This work is not about blame or shame, it’s about stepping into our power. We have the opportunity to take responsibility to create change. We are illuminating the lies that never got broken open to the light of the day. Whatever hasn’t been brought to insight or inquiry has created the grief that is stuck within our bodies. This creates harm in our lives. We are inviting wisdom to emerge from these stuck places. As we move through the confusion, fear, despair and anger that has kept us separate from our wholeness we emerge as the deep change from our bones and the roots on up. We awaken the medicine within the body.

This will be a strong and fiercely embodied container in which we will alchemize the effects of our ancestors. These imprints will be composted back into the land of our lineages. The elements are our guides to co-create nourishing food for our collective family of humanity and all beings. We are cultivating a progenerative economy where there is enough for everyone.


This journey is for those who have been on a healing path, a path of inclusion and collective change work from the inside out. We are calling in those who are ready for the next step of personal empowerment with the intention to empower others through the initiation of honoring our grief. We are in a collective initiation and many of us are called to hold space for the dying and rebirthing that is happening for us all at this time. Reach in with us and dive deeper. Come to fulfillment through your embodiment in this lifetime with your presence, your breath, your movement, your resonance and your tender touch. Join in a loving community of leaders, healers, therapists, social workers, teachers and guides from many walks of life and backgrounds who will be journeying with you to bring about transformation through the lens of our personal and collective grief.

We are not currently offering this training.
If you are interested send us an email to stay updated. 


Here's the flow of the curriculum:

Week 1 Grounding and Landing into the Wheel together - Commitment

Resourcing tools for self love 

What do you need to show up here and help co-create the safest space possible for yourself and others? 


Week 2 Enter the Grief Wheel in the East - Facing Confusion - The guardian is the Dragon of the Air 

The archetype of the Child
Sourcing from the medicine of Earth - Security and Discovering our Needs


Week 3 Continue to the South - Facing Fear - The guardian is the Dragon of Fire 

The archetype of the Villain/Fool

Sourcing from the medicine of Water - Safety and Cultivating Trust


Week 4 Continue to the West - Facing Despair - The guardian is the Dragon of Waters

The archetype of the Lover/Beloved

Sourcing from the medicine of Fire - Sovereignty and Power


Week 5 Continue to the North - Facing Frustration, Anger, and Rage - The guardian is the Dragon Earth
The archetype of the Warrior

Sourcing from the medicine of Air - Co-Creation and Joyful Collaboration 

Week 6 Returning to the Center - The Wholeness of Moon Blood - The guardian is the Dragon of Ether/Space

The archetype of the Healer/Sage/Wisdom Keeper

Sourcing from the medicine of Ether - Union of Bliss & Emptiness


Week 7 Integration throughout our body-mind through our unique learning styles. Reflecting on what has happened in our body-mind and on how we are making shifts in our intimate, professional and community lives. Clarifying our needs and roles moving forward. 


Week 8 Application into our personal and professional lives as we step into a new understanding of our roles. Preparing ourselves for this expansion in our experience of service. 

Commitment Requirements:

*Initial intake form

*Weekly 1.5 hr session
*Feedback form completed before 48 hours after each session
*Engagement with 
Facebook group for mutual support, otherwise inform Hilary 
*Transparency, honesty, integrity, mutual respect and curiosity

This training is inspired by many traditions and comes directly from Joanna Macy, Ph.D, who is an author, teacher, scholar of Buddhism, systems things and deep ecology. She developed The Work that Reconnects. There are also threads from Tibetan Buddhism, Body Mind Centering and Grandmother Kaariina's Sami lineage among others including . . .

*Sequoia Trueblood, Most Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, Ailo Gaupp,Lama Lhanag, HH Penor Norbu Rinpoche, HH 14th Dalai Lama, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, Lama Willa Blythe Baker, Lama Tsultrim Allione

*Abuela Margarita Nuez, Venerable Dhyanni Wahoo

*Danza de Luna, Metzliottli tradition

*Sky Otter (Bill Pfeiffer), Founder of the Sacred Earth Network

*Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body Mind Centering, Christine Cole, Found of Somatic Body Training

*Embody Lab teachers of the Embodied Social Justice and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certifications

*REIKI Grand Masters and Master Teachers

*Our clients, students, apprentices, interns: all are living Mastery

The Practice & Benefits of the
Grief Wheel Journey

We will establish ourselves in the depths of our inner foundations each time we journey.

We will develop presencing through focus upon in and out breathes.

We will review our AGREEMENTS to realize that each decision is a choice guided by perception.


We will cocreate a sacred practice space called SACRED TOBACCO CIRCLE

In its centre, we will gradually build a sacred altar, upon which we will place the elementals, ancestors images, and slowly listen to the LAND SPIRITS awakening to our awareness in our geophysical areas.

We will MAP our ancestors upon a global map so that we experience our interbeingnesses.

We will awaken to our animal totems and allies of the wildhearted ones and develop

a sense of our own Medicine Wheel.


We will, over the 8 weeks , two moons, experience the innermost realm,

the fifth dimension of the BLOODLINE of MOTHER

and surrender ourselves as women and as men, to those moon cycles.


Our Alchemical Garden living journal and mandala will serve as a repository

for templates, for pdfs of our transcripted recordings, for our innermost

expressions and innovative applications serving as integrations into all of our relations.


Ultimately, we will cocreate a SHIELD of SELF ESTEEM,

arising from our root consciousness, a SHIELD which will serve

as our protection during ovulation, bleeding, and changes of life

cycles, that we may preserve the sacred knowing or gnosis

that we are one with these greater cycles on earth,

within this universe.


Within this holy community, will evolve an opportunity to experience

*Oneness of great spirit

*Relief of ancestral unexpressed grief and trauma

*Retrieve treasures long buried

*Celebrate the intimacy of sharings, listening deeply, leaning into the other

as our own being

*Sharing these regenerative soil practices, we collect those ancestral seeds

for sowing in the spring of our lives on earth

*Generosity within community

*Native intelligences of the elementals

*Remembrances of the importance of each species of life on earth

*The inner benefits within the organic dimensions of radical inclusion

and radical acceptance

*The shapeshifting of presencing practices

*Impact upon weather patterns and climate change.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and
seven generations back and forward?
You will receive exponentially on so many levels!

Self Investment:
$777 USD
(Canadian exchange applies)

2 Monthly Payments
of $400 USD

(Canadian exchange applies)

Scholarships &
Work study
options are available
Email Hilary at for more info and
the scholarship/work study applications
(Payments are non-refundable)

Venus pisicus.jpeg

INVITATION to the Alchemical Garden of Grief

by Grandmother Kaariina


Yearn for love

Crows caw once

Women are sacred!

Unmask this pain

Crave for truths universal

Moose stumbles in swamps of stagnation

All is born of wombs

This liturgy of the wildhearted

Is a eucharist of blood and fire

Demean not anger

Nor admonish fury

Spiral into emptiness

Long for nothingness

Don funereal robes

Of wolves furs and tigers fangs

The processional has begun


Eagles rise up above clouds

Witness humanity's reconception

Come rest regenerate reconciliate

In deep dark mother we are restored

Bodies sanctified by apples core

Children fed from thorned bushes of berries

GRIEF has found us

In forests amongst jungles

Matted hair charnal grounds of death

Done wisely

The future belongs thusly

To raven's ceremonies

The mystery of blue oceans

To whales eyes

Weep weep wildly

For SHE takes all to the Sacred

This Alchemical Garden of seasons

Fertility moonbeamed

Composting the pasts

Organically resurrection regenerates soils

Seeded by destinies

A resurrection and repast that feeds the soul

Untethered unbounded at last

Laboured delivered rebearthed

As ONE and all is indeed sacred!


The Facilitators

Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen
Gma Avatar Kaariina- Luba- Biyaals- NO WATERMARK (6 of 61).jpg

Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M Ed Coun exemplifies that fiercely loving spirit that many folks in families need in order to move through obscurations and obstacles!


Bringing over 40 years of educational and lived experiences to INNER GROUND,

she rises with a clarity of souls purpose as well as capacities to empower others!


Grandmother is a community builder, a Sacred Wheel carrier, a spiritual teacher

from lineages of transmissions, rituals, ceremonies and shamanic roots!


As we dive deeply into the darkness of these particular times of endings of long cycles on earthly life, humans are being called to reactivate their own souls visions, spiritual principles, values, and priorities for hatching a new SELF!


Gma Kaariina of the Turquoise Heart is a carrier of the sacred obsidian pipe, grounding gender equality in the tobacco and herbal smoke. She is masterful in her medicines rendered through sweat lodges, temiskals and thus the healing of women's wombs and men's groins. A Shield Carrier, her Turquoise Eagle drum calls us to the heartbeat of the ONENESS, answering the prayers of her Reindeer Ancestors, those of the Council of Altai, Siberia, and Mongolian shamans. The sacred wheels are turning! Come on in! We will see you all the way through.

Hilary Lake


Hilary Johne Lake, MDiv (she/her/they) is a healing arts community minister and somatic movement therapist and educator who helps people align with their bodies and values in enlivening ways. She welcomes people into embodiment practices that bring awareness, connection and love into their lives.


She worked at the Fetzer Institute, graduated from Harvard Divinity School with an MDiv in Buddhist Ministry and spent time in Thailand, India and Nepal studying Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism. She’s certified in Somatic Body Training, Infinity Healing Practice and Walking in Balance an indigenous created and led reconciliation council practice. She has presented her mindful embodiment practice, Moving in Grace, twice at the Parliament of World Religions.


Hilary has been an inner city interfaith chaplain and is now living on Anishinaabe land on the shores of Lake Michigan. She is deepening with the land, her family, her Celtic, Germanic and Slavic ancestry and cultivating community while most recently completing Embodied Social Justice and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification programs.


She loves to work with people who want to integrate loving awareness in action into all aspects of their lives.


About Grandmother Kaariina's Offerings:


Grandmother showed me the tools with which I might address those things that need hanging.  

The things that come up for you will be different than what came up for me, BUT NONETHELESS PIVOTAL, 

I assure you.


Many of us fear the kind of blunt honesty Grandmother offers us. She offers it with such fierce love that

although it may make us uncomfortable at time, we cannot help but hear and consider her messages.


YOUR STORY, it touches the story of the human family and the earth upon which we choose to

live. We are in peril as is the earth, for want of honesty, for lack of taking ownership of the problems

we ourselves have created for ourselves.


Leaders like Grandmother are few and far between, so listen to her messages

when you have the chance! When you must part ways with her, remain a living example

of that message!  You could lead, you could inspire others as she does.


We need more rainbow warriors! So, do you hear this call?  Do you have the courage to wake up

and to listen?  Let's live in this love together!


-Sarah Love (Wildhearted Remedies)

About Hilary's Offerings:

I moved into a new realm of experience and awareness with Hilary. The combination of guided meditation, contemplation, body awareness, movement and sound was a delicious and nutritive feast for my heart and mind. By tracing the emergence of my physical being into the world I feel more connected to the creative process that continues to create and recreate me every day. What a beautiful gift.


Not only was each session a luxurious, sacred space in which I explored what was happening for me in my business and in my life more generally; the time in between sessions was rich with discoveries - both challenging and exhilarating.


The framework and questions Hilary has developed allowed me to go deep into an inquiring space without feeling violated or forced in any way, and allowed for answers and more aligned and easeful ways of being to naturally or "magically" appear. I also learned what inquiries needed more time to explore further. Having Hilary to reflect and explore with has been a gift in this process.


The shifts I experienced from working with Hilary were subtle and profound. Having started feeling frustrated with myself for not being able to implement certain new habits in my life, I have emerged having shed self-judgement and with a feeling of ease, flow and joy! This includes a deeper attunement to the sacredness of everyday life; connecting not only with other humans, but especially connecting with and feeling supported by the natural elements. I am more deeply connected, in an embodied way, with my desire to nourish and be nourished by life on Earth. I know that the benefits from my work with Hilary will only grow further over time!

-Vivian Winterhoff founder of Joy in Movement Bodymind Explorations

Throughout my work with Hilary I've increased my capacity to love myself, and feel the depths of gratitude as much as the depths of grief. I feel lighter, more at peace, kind, and gentle with myself, and in so much gratitude for my life. I'm really grateful for how she showed up and met me where I was, and for holding her own intuitive guidance, and allowing our ebbs and flows to go with the plan or veer off the tracks as needed. I am so grateful for being deeply held, seen, accepted, validated, and supported in my process, allowing an unfolding with ease and gentleness and curiosity in a nonjudgmental space to move, feel excited, and be!

-Jessica Mortel, business owner and healer

Stay tuned for new offerings coming soon . . . 

Welcome home to the garden of your rebirth!
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