White Allyship

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A 5 week online course for white and white passing folks

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This 5 week course will be a focused and nourishing container for white and white passing folks who benefit from white supremacy who want to work through the trauma that arises when we wake up to the harm of intergenerational racism and the advantages that come with it. You will deepen in your embodied awareness and healing of your own intergenerational racialized trauma and connect more in community with others also engaged in this awakening so that you can discern how to be a more effective ally and move towards becoming an accomplice to support people of color in your life.

Over the month there will be guidance to . . . 

  • Tap into your indigenous roots in a time before the construct of "whiteness" existed and to connect with the inherent goodness and wellness within you in connection with the Earth. 

  • Acknowledge and get to know the painful stories around the construct of race that you carry as a result of your ancestry and past.

  • Learn about the construct of race and whiteness as well as uncomfortable truths about racism within and around you that you can affect and change internally and externally through your way of being and the actions that you take. 

  • Learn a language of welcome and inclusion to help you navigate conversations about race and racism with greater understanding and engagement. 

  • Learn and practice embodiment techniques to help you navigate being present with and having conversations about race and racism with greater grounding, honesty, compassion and commitment.

  • Learn what it takes to be an ally and accomplice to folks of color who you care about, build new relationships and discern how you want to cultivate relationships of mutual aid.

  • Practice having effective dialogues about racism.

  • Practice moving through your barriers to being an effective anti-racist change agent in your family, community and the collective.

  • Clarify your role in stepping forward as an ally in your sphere of influence.

How do you know this course is right for you? . . . 

  • You want racial justice follow-up work to support your own rooting into self learning and discerning your next steps towards anti-racist action.

  • You want to move on from a personal pity party or out of confusion to a productive use of your power as your agency and privilege and you are wanting support to understand how to make this move. 

  • You want to be in a supportive community of other white and white passing folks who care about making the changes that are needed to support black, indigenous and other people of color to be in leadership. 

  • You have some experience with mindfulness, meditation, embodiment and or somatic practices that you can use to cultivate some personal grounding and ability to be present to feelings and sensations. 

Check in with these following assumptions about 

Why We are Here to do this Work:

  • We are visibly white and benefit from white body supremacy (see Resma Menakam’s definition) that offer us an advantage and leverage in our social construct.

  • We all have trauma and intergenerational racialized trauma as both the oppressor and the oppressed. 

  • We are all worthy of love and attention and all good things.

  • We are all interconnected. As in none of us are free until we are all free. 

  • We have a shared commitment to addressing racism and white body supremacy. In other words, we want to be more effective change agents as allies of our black and indigenous brothers and sisters, and that includes supporting them to be in leadership for our collective awakening. We have a shared commitment to mobilize and to act to end white body supremacy.

If you agree with all of these assumptions then this work is for you. 

Come as you are even if you're messy, confused, complicated, angry, frustrated, curious . . . . Wherever you are, embody that, don't run away from it, and come to move to the next level with others who are learning with you and willing to be vulnerable alongside you.

Join a community of courageous people who are willing and ready to transform guilt and shame into acceptance and action as willing learners on the path to allyship.

Each session will include:

  • Grounding support and practices you can use in your daily life to stay present in your body with sensations and feelings.

  • Information sharing and language education to make sure we are on the same page as a group. 

  • Embodied reflection process on our personal experience with racism and internal biases.

  • Council style sharing in the large group for about 30 mins.

  • Deeper sharing and/or practice in small groups for about 30 mins.

  • Resources and homework you can engage with to integrate the lessons between sessions.


There is an optional 1 hr individual session to further support each participant to get clear on how you can integrate the learning and bring it more fully into your life in action.

You'll also receive a recording of every session afterwards.  

Here's an overview of the course through each session: 

Week 1 

  • Congratulations you survived! 

  • Addressing: Showing up  

  • Connect with Surviving

  • Element – Ethers to Earth - Welcome Home to your Body and your Ancestry

  • Awareness building on intersectional oppression

  • Language of Equity/Advantage vs Race/Privilege/White Supremacy

Week 2 

  • Wait what I’m white? 

  • Addressing: Denial 

  • Connect to Security

  • Element – Earth – Rooting into our Experience with Support

  • Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

  • Feeling and sharing about our ancestry and relationship to the social construct of race from our ancestral stories that we do know and have questions about.

Week 3

  • So what I’m white? 

  • Addressing: Anger/Avoidance 

  • Connect to Safety & Trust

  • Element – Water – Learning from our Emotions 

  • Trusting our experience and emotions as energy in motion and cultivating compassion with ourselves and others 

  • Being with our feelings around the harm and separation created as a result of white supremacy and cultivating connection to others through compassion. 

Week 4 

  • I’m white and I want to work it. 

  • Addressing: Bargaining 

  • Connect to Power & Sovereignty

  • Element – Fire – Witness inner and outer experience and Speak Truth

  • Leveraging our Power and Privilege with Humility

  • Cultivating our POPx4 (Place of Peace, Personal Power and Privilege as a Priority)

  • Dialogue Practice

Week 5

  • I’m white and I’m working it.

  • Acceptance, Appreciation and Engagement

  • Connecting with Others in Collaboration 

  • Element – Air – Joyful Co-Creation in Action

  • Moving from Ally to Accomplice

  • Reflecting on what’s gotten in the way to effective and inspiring collaboration and committing to taking anti-racist action

  • Sharing resources and tools for moving forward and taking action!


Here's a recording from the Intro to Embodying White Allyship that gives an overview of the course and what it touches on in each session: 

What past participants have to say:

"Being supported and guided by Hilary in my exploration of white allyship and white body supremacy has been a very deep and gratifying experience. She creates a sense of safety that is bone deep. Hilary has done so much of her own work that she is really able to hold space for the complexities we carry." J.S.


"Hilary is incredibly caring and makes a great effort to create safety that lends to vulnerable sharing. She is right there with us in the thick of exploring this topic and is a humble and courageous leader by showing us it is perfectly normal to have flaws and Hilary provides a guide map on how to come into better harmony with our intended ways of being in the society. For example, while we as white folks may identify as embracing BIPOC, most of us inevitably have inherited white body supremacy from our ancestors which plays out in subconscious ways, and as we come into awareness of those ways we can learn to hold ourselves with compassion and find ways to overcome such tendencies through practice and self-love." -Anonymous

"Through her deep caring and understanding, Hilary offers a unique and valuable perspectives and tools which I will be using into the future." -Anonymous

If you are interested in joining a future course or have questions you can email Hilary at hilaryjlake@gmail.com