Return Home to Yourself

Return Home to Yourself.png
Wednesdays June 29th - July 27th
at North Central Michigan College, Petoskey, MI

Return home to your true self...
In connection with all of life through the elements, and learn from these raw forces of resilience that live within each cell of our being. You will be guided through trauma-informed simple nourishing movement practices that are intended to support you to deepen your mindfulness in relationship to your body and the environment. You will learn about the systems of the body as they relate to the larger natural systems of our planet Earth and easy techniques to come back to your inner knowing. I'll also share about the process of decolonizing and how do we begin and continue on this journey returning to who we truly are together.

We will be meeting inside and weather permitting will go outside and connect with the natural environment. We will also connect with others through sharing together in a circle. No previous experience needed. Bring a towel or mat that can get dirty.

Here’s what you will receive and learn during the 5 weeks:

  • Build up your natural immune system through tapping into your embodied resource and inner medicine

  • Learn simple and powerful movement & breath techniques

  • Learn about and practice cultivating ritual with the elements and the land to deepen your relationship with place and your own personal practice

  • Practice being more alive and present in the moment

  • Learn about feminine and Earth honoring Tibetan Buddhist perspectives and how to transform negative emotional states into generative states

  • Resource your own inner guidance through your body

  • Inquiry sheets and resources to take home and reflect on between sessions

  • Learn tools for decolonization, and embodied trauma healing


Each week we will explore a different element through our bodies as nature and nature as our bodies . . .

June 29th - Earth - Resources - Security and Discovering our Needs vs. Insecurity, Inadequacy and Confusion
Lessons: Structure, Stability, Simplicity, Nourishment, Equanimity and Generosity
Practices: Grounding, Rooting in with our Ancestors, Compassionate Communication
Body Allies: Bones, Connective Tissues, Marrow
Nature Allies: Rocks, Stones, Trees, Roots, Magma

July 6th - Water - Intimacy - Safety and Cultivating Trust vs. Fear & Over Intellectualization
Lessons: Flow, Release, Rhythm, E-motion, Mirror-like Wisdom
Practices: Framework for Decolonization as Healing
Body Allies: Blood, Fluids, Notochord, Amniotic fluid
Nature Allies: Water, Rivers, Lakes, Ocean, Ponds, Streams, Rain

July 13th - Fire - Community - Sovereignty and Power vs. Craving, Seduction, Lust
Lessons: Presence, Activating Aliveness and Radiant Discerning Compassion
Practices: Embodied Trauma Healing with Polyvagal Theory
Body Allies: Digestive System, Endocrine System, Nervous Systems
Nature Allies: Sun, Stars, Fire, Mycelium

July 20th - Air - Expression - Co-Creation and Joyful Collaboration vs. Jealousy, Annoyance, Anger
Lessons: Acceptance, Spaciousness, Expansion, All Accomplishing Wisdom
Practices: Sound Healing
Body Allies: Breath, Lungs, Voice, Vocal Chords
Nature Allies: Wind, Breeze, Tornado, Hurricane


July 27th - Ethers - Connection - Union of Bliss & Emptiness vs. Ignorance, Denial, Depression
Lessons: Wonder, Envisioning what's Possible, Surrender, All Embracing and Encompassing Wisdom
Practices: Integrative Closing Ritual
Body Allies: Cerebral Spinal Fluid, Nervous System and Glandular Integration
Nature Allies: Spirit/Source/Divine


Each Session will include:

  • Grounding and land acknowledgement

  • Short personal check in

  • Sharing about the element as well as body and earth allies of each week

  • Trauma informed movement guidance connecting the body systems to the Earth systems

  • Group circle sharing

  • Invitation to personal practice with nature

  • Song for each element

  • Inquiry worksheet for each element

Here's what others are saying:


Working with Hilary in Deepening Connection supported my spiritual alignment and growth. Before I thought of the elements as "outside of myself" and separate energies. Now, I understand how interconnected these forces are with my body and breath. My experience of the world is richer, more textured and delicious! I highly recommend this experience to those ready for embodied connection with the natural world. - Aria Everts

"It was a pleasure to be part of Hilary's elemental sharing and verbal connections expressed thru her personal communal experiences. I'd recommend this course of study to all to support inner peace, awareness of our surroundings, and new connections to the natives of our land who offer so much more than I knew before." -Darlene 

"The best I can describe the experience is something like the magic school bus crossed avatar and fern gully without psychedelics." -Maoly Molinos

Hilary holds a compassionate and responsibly shared space for learning, feeling, and experiencing a more integrative flow in relationship with our ancestors, the earth, her elements, and various layers of our human community - including the wild interconnected nature within! Would recommend this class to even the stodgiest of park benches. -- F.S.

Hilary holds a deeply authentic, grounded and generous human. I felt accepted and met right where I was with no judgement or expectations- safe. She shares powerful practices & tools, a way to live that connects us to ourselves, each other and the world and elements around us. I am grateful and inspired. Thank-you! -Jenn Evans

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