Cosmic Heart Embodiment

Individual Sessions

Cosmic Heart Embodiment aligns us with the Earth and the sky through our bodies to help us cultivate a balance between connection and freedom. 

The practice integrates Sidereal Astrology, somatic guidance, Tibetan Buddhism for grounding the wisdom of the cosmos into our bodies and beings so that we can feel it, be with it and work with it all for our individual and collective transformation for the awakening of all beings. 

There is wisdom that has been hidden from the mainstream, especially in the Western traditions that these practices can help bring back to our awareness. 


Cosmic Heart Embodiment uses an astrological map that is aligned with the actual constellations in the sky (sidereal) as a guide to help us to understand where we are individually and collectively at any particular time. We then use tantric principles taught within Tibetan Buddhism to navigate the dynamic challenges that are present as we stay present with the actual somatic experience in the body and use the elements as universally unifying guides for transformation.  

We will begin our time by getting grounded into our embodied experience together through a brief somatic meditation. We then look at the chart for the day, your birth chart or even a synastry chart between the day and your birth to see what may be moving through your experience at any given time and how that connects you with the collective. Then through inquiry and you sharing your story, we will uncover the personal truth within the cosmic map and what needs your attention will emerge. We will focus our attention on these places of tension and paradox that can support the birth of new wisdom in your embodiment as we address the challenges that are present. There may be embodiment practices, rituals and/or guidance that is offered to integrate the learning that emerges. It is through these dynamics and practices that we are able to awaken to what is truly needed and bring a greater perspective into our lives as we welcome more of the truth and how we are called to move with it all.

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Online group sessions also happen twice a month every other Sunday before the new and full moon.

The next online gathering is Sunday September 27th 6:30-8:00pm EST.
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